Mobitrack platform offers unique solutions to fleet owners to track their vehicles while they are on delivery. It is very economical as well as simple to use. This product doesn’t need a location device and any other device other than a mobile phone (even feature phone will be workable).

This product is very useful for those fleet owners whose vehicles go to the interiors of India, where there is no data connectivity and weak mobile network connectivity.

  • SIM-based tracking system
  • No hardware requirement
  • Pay as you go with plug-n-play facility
  • Easy to operate
  • Tracking can be initiated from any location from any phone


If you are a small grocery store, salon or business unit offering services to customers from local area, AddLead will be a great service to help you grow and retain your customer and increase footfalls at your store or business.

With AddLead, you can capture response for your promotions, offer special coupon codes, greet customers on special occasions. Its Marketing, sales and promotions platform where in you communicate to your regular customers with special offers.

  • Make your offers more meaningful & relevant
  • You can schedule the appointment of your customers
  • Make most from your business set-up
  • Can create more enagagement and get more business
  • Can use it as CRM module


Mobisportz platform offers various services to every sports organization to organize, facilitate registration, arrange fixtures, schedules, reporting and documentation of each sporting event’s outcome. The platform features makes thing easier to sport event organisers in every aspect.

Through Mobisportz and its webcasting services, event organizers get simplified technical solutions for Facebook &Youtube live. Clients of Mobisportz get an extra advantage to garner bigger support from their participants and sports followers across geographical boundaries. For organizers, webcast helps amplify their event popularity to experts as well as a larger audience.

  • Sports CRM
  • Fan management
  • Central repository for all category players
  • One single communication system
  • Sport community building platform


If you are focusing on growth of business of your business then it will only come from satisfied customers. Every satisfied customer is actually either a repeat customer or a perfect influencer. Addbot is a unique chatbot service from the desk of AddPlus. Addbot makes your website a ‘Helpdesk’ with zero waiting time which actually helps create stickiness without losing any single customer. It also offer conversation with personalized experience, make customer feel at right place. It also help brand to elevate customer service level as well as improve engagement.

  • Derive business intelligence with predefined analytical parameters
  • Get exact reasons what makes your customers happy as well as unhappy
  • Make promotional communication personal as well as more relevant
  • Make you stay accessible 24/7